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Button Shop is a button creation program for Windows
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Button Shop is a button creation program for Windows. The application comes pre-loaded with an array of different button sizes and colors/textures, which you can modify in a variety of ways. The first obvious way in which you can play with these buttons is by changing the text inside them. This is done by simply selecting a button and writing some text in its text field. You can change the font, the color of the text, the size, etc. There are several groups of buttons with different designs in each group.

The most interesting feature of the application, in my opinion, is the ability to create mouse-over effects. You can create those by adding an instance for the mouse-over effect and changing the button in some way. Thus, when you move the mouse over the button, it will display the second instance, and when you move away from it, it will show the first instance of the button.

Button Shop will even give you the HTML code with your button, so that you can paste it onto your web page. Also, you can create complete menus, not just single buttons.

Everything Button Shop does, on the other hand, can easily be done with other applications, and for free. However, making buttons is much easier with this program. There are many new features in version 4.0. The most noticeable one is the inclusion of button styles like those found in Windows XP and Mac OS Leopard. The aqua textures are also new. The overall interface remains the same, with a few bug fixes.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of pre-loaded buttons
  • Highly customizable buttons
  • Mouse over effects
  • HTML code


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